At techO2 we’re on a mission to make sure every employee’s journey is enriched with continuous learning and skill enhancement. We, at techO2 invigorate skillful and hardworking employees and provide a collaborative environment for agility.  

Techo2’s culture sows value SEEDS, where in SEEDS stand for Satisfaction, Engagement, Education, Development and Success. Career at techO2 is driven by these values to meet both professional and personal goals.TechO2 helps its employees to enhance their skills through regular Talent Development and Live 360 sessions. Employees are rewarded for acquisition of certifications and those who perform above and beyond are felicitated. 

Our employees take pride in their association with techO2 and cherish their learning experience and growth!

Manjunath Aloji

Manjunath Aloji

Calm & Enthusiasm

He completed his MCA in Aug 2022 and he came to know about TechO2 from his cousin Allamprabhu (Ex-employee of TechO2), he underwent the interview process and got selected in TechO2. Then he started a project of Scannable as it has both Python and Angular. Manjunath on boarded in Aug 2022 soon after completion of Masters as a Trainee Software Developer.

Then he learned Node.js to become a full-stack developer. Later he learned react.js as per the project requirement. He is passionate about learning new technologies & became a full-stack developer.

“Initially Nagendra trained me to become a Full stack developer and later my seniors like Prasad at TechO2 played a vital and nurturing role in shaping up my career and I am proud to be a member of TechO2”

His exceptional willingness to embrace new assignments coupled with his remarkable perseverance and unwavering commitment is exemplary selected as an employee of the month for Jan 2024.

He loves reading books like self-help and playing video game

Akkshay Kumar Sudarshanam

Akkshay Kumar Sudarshanam

Spark Plug & Eager Beaver

He graduated in 2020 from college. He joined here to learn some new technologies & he verified about the company that TechO2 is working on the latest technologies. He came to know that is a new tool & finds it good to learn & implement in the projects as he was passionate to learn new technologies. Akkshay onboarded in 2020 soon after completion of graduation as a Citizen Developer Trainee.

Akkshay’s role model was Bill Gates as he was not at a higher level in education but he was successful in life with new technologies & skills.

Equipped with evolving technical capabilities initially he worked on one project & now he has stepped up and could handle both the projects well to the satisfaction of the clients while one of his teammates was away throughout the month. He was also instrumental in the preparation of the security compliance documents for bubble hence he has been selected for EOM for May 2022.

“My seniors at TechO2 played a vital and nurturing role in shaping up my career and I am proud to be a member of TechO2”

Akkshay heeds his parent’s advice to become a capable person. He was inspired by his uncle (QA Director of the company) as he guided him on how to do things & his goal is to start a new Entrepreneurial. He loves playing Cricket, Caroms & Watching movies!

Amit Kumar Sinha

Amit Kumar Sinha

His Artistry & Good Stickler

Amit Sinha having a post-graduate diploma in Foreign Trade from GITAM, Vizag, started a carrier in Investment Banks as Sales Trader and then moved to the software industry as a Quality Assurance Analyst. 

Amit newly joined TechO2 in March 2022 as Test Engineer and started at REEL Project. Being the first month, it was exciting for him as Managing Project delivery along with Quality Assurance.   

Amit is very grateful for the support from the REEL team and peers from other projects at TechO2. Amit is happy with each member of his team in getting knowledge & understanding of the product whether it be Web-portal or a Mobile App.

He has great plans to step-up in Automated Quality Assurance, and wish to add Appium to his skillset portfolio.  Hydroponics (Soilless farming or can say lab farming) is his hobby and is able to successfully cultivate lettuce & Cherry tomato a couple of times. 

Amit has been awarded Employee of the month for March 2022 for his innovative and diligent work and demonstrated true dedication in the transformation of process and adherence to the same. 

Neeraja Gujjala

Neeraja Gujjala

Peaceful warrior, Mobile App Kunoichi

Neeraja graduated in 2017 from college, and initially trained in Python and Django. She always wanted to be a Mobile App Developer since college and found TechO2 to launch her career. Neeraja onboarded in 2019 as a Engineer Trainee at TechO2 and started learning Mobile App development. For the first two years, she worked on POCs of some electrifying concepts as part of learning Mobile App development.

Equipped with evolving technical capabilities, Neeraja started on client Mobile App project in 2021. She gained experience in iOS along with Android. Neeraja delivered two Mobile Apps in the past 6 months – Memorial App in a social setting, and EdTech Mobile App for Medical Students to take Quizzes on demand. Neeraja turned into ReactNative go-to-expert for the TechO2 teams! Neeraja is very grateful for the support and nurturing she received at TechO2 in shaping up her professional career. Neeraja won the Employee of Month award for Jan 2022, voted by her peers!

“My colleagues, seniors and the leadership at TechO2 played a vital and nurturing role in shaping up my career and enabling me feel proud of the work I do!“

Neeraja heeds her mom’s advice in shaping her relationships and leading a peaceful life. She loves playing caroms and badminton!

Our employees take pride in their association with techO2 and cherish their learning experience!

A good firm with great vision. Having a flat hierarchy you can interact with top management without hesitation and get doubts clarified. Team is quite helpful and encouraging, also allowing to experiment and learn as you work. A good work and effort is always be appreciated. Hard work and genuine effort are key for success here.

– Madan Gopal

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