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TechO2 continues to play a dominant role in the Startup world with over 100+ products and counting! Our startup work ranges from incubation, ideation, MVP, Product Roadmaps, launching go-to-market apps, building mainstream products, and even parachuting-in to salvage crisis situations – and we’ve the battle scars to prove it! We continue to work with the Startup founders from concept to launch, assist them with seed to series-A investments, and build them their own internal teams! We also partner with some of the leading technology incubators and investors assisting them with their portfolio clients.

Our clients speak for us better than we can ever do!

Starting December 2019 through today, we have engaged in an ongoing software development project with TechO2 with great success. The goal of the project has been to create, update, and maintain our flagship TRENDABLE™ for Data Collection software – an online manufacturing quality control application.

The TechO2 development team has a number of strengths I would like to share. Firstly, the leadership and insight of TechO2 leadership. For example, instead of simply taking my list of demands regarding the initial development of the software, they took the time to understand my business objectives and goals. This allowed them to thoughtfully make recommendations regarding development decisions. Ultimately, those early decisions have minimized our technical debt and made our ongoing feature requests easier to implement.

The TechO2 team produced for us a high-quality software application in a minimal span of time. Within three months of initial engagement, we were able to launch the first version of TRENDABLE™ for Data Collection for business-to-business sale. Not only was the initial development fast and stable, the TechO2 team was quick to resolve subsequent small feature requests based on feedback from the first customers. We could not have been happier with TechO2’s responsiveness and professionalism during the vulnerable first few weeks of our software on the market.


In conclusion, TechO2 has been an integral partner to the success of Argolytics. Without their hard work and strong leadership, we would not be where we are today. If TechO2’s performance as developers of TRENDABLE™ for Data Collection is any indication of how they would perform in the future, TechO2 will be an invaluable partner for your project.


– Founder & CEO of Manufacturing Quality Control Startup

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