Senior web developers design and create websites, as well as other online applications, which requires knowledge of programming languages, UI/UX principles, graphic design, and search engine optimization. In addition to their web development duties, senior web developers are often responsible for training junior web developers. Most Fortune 500 companies are large enough to employ in-house senior web developers. Those who donu2019t work directly for a company find employment at a web development firm that services small and mid-size businesses.

In todayu2019s digital age, virtually every company in every niche needs a website, allowing senior web developers to find employment in any industry. Some specialize in certain industries, while others work for firms that have clients across many industries. Most senior web developers work in a traditional work environment, while some work remotely. As this is a project-based position, the number of hours worked in a week depends on oneu2019s project load.

Who are we looking for?

Creates user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Internet/intranet applications; leading team of developers.

What can we offer?

The average base pay for senior web developers is $111,229. Those at the top of the scale make above $138,000, while those at the bottom of the scale make below $73,000.

How to apply?

Updates job knowledge by researching new internet/intranet technologies and software products; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.


Senior Web Designer


Oak Ridge, TN, US

Job Type



Master's Degree


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