We help companies leverage the power of AWS to drive real business results.

We help companies leverage the power of AWS to drive real business results.

TechO2 is enabling its clients in these focus areas

Software Development

Development services that enable your business productive and competitive.

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Big Data

Big Data projects to put your business in hyperdrive with data democracy and insights.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services tailored to your current enterprise adoption levels.

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We got this!

The following characteristics set us apart in providing exceptional service to our clients. We’re relentless about your success.

Collaborative Methods

Collaboration with the client is a core foundation for all of our services. Stakeholders are engaged during all phases of development.

Iterative & Incremental

Our Agile programming style is not just iterative development; it’s incremental as well – helps you see the progress and adjust as we build it.

Certified Engineers

All our team members are 100% certified in their technology stack. Our engineers spend time on keeping up with the technology advances.

Transparent Processes

The entire development process is completely transparent and current. All members, including clients participate on the same workflow system.

Exceptional Delivery

Our consistent exceptional delivery is appreciated by our clients. We maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification for our delivery practices.

Success Catalyst

TechO2 has been a catalyst for success for our clients – startups to mature organizations. We’re relentless in the pursuit of our clients success.

Innovation, Acceleration

TechO2 invests in research and innovation using cutting edge paradigms and tools – so that we’re ready when our clients are.

Experience & Leadership

TechO2’s leadership is comprised of exceptional experience and top talent. Our clients benefit from this every step of their engagement.

Economic Pricing

Our solutions are optimal, quality is premium; and our prices are economical. TechO2’s pricing models add another value-add for our clients.

Engagement models that fit your needs

We offer 3 different engagement models for our clients to choose the best possible fit for their specific needs and environment. All engagement models are backed by the same satisfaction and customer experience TechO2 is famous for.


We collaborate with the clients stakeholders and develop solutions at our offices in Philadelphia and/or India.


Our consultants work alongside your resources onsite at your offices in the United States.


Few of our consultants working onsite along with larger teams at our locations for larger projects.


AWS Consulting Partner