Two technology skills in 2017-2020 that future-proof you

Two technology skills in 2017-2020 that future-proof you

Sreeni Jakka
Sreeni Jakka is the CEO and Chief Engineer of TechO2. Sreeni believes in leading by example and demonstrates “outside the box” thought leadership. Sreeni is passionate about open source, client collaboration, and developing awesome solutions for clients. Sreeni has deep expertise in technology advisory, product ideation, start-up incubation, technology innovation, and leadership.  #CloudComputing #BigData #AWS #SoftwareDevelopment Excited for #IoT #ML #AI

Two technology skills in 2017-2020 that future-proof you

Future – there has been several predictions this year about the future of technology focus areas. Some of them are high up on the hype chart. I do believe that IOT, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain are going to disrupt every single industry in the years to come.

I don’t think it’s an “if”; it’s a matter of “when”? In my opinion, this future of disruption is not that far. While the early adopters toil away with these paradigms to stabilize and digestible for the mainstream, how do you prepare for this future?

To be ready for that future, there are two foundational technologies one needs to have exposure to and gain some level of expertise in. They are Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Enterprises and Developers cannot ignore Cloud Computing and Big Data skills NOW if they want to be relevant!

Technology disruption is happening at a very rapid pace compared to 10 years ago. It appears as though Moore’s law applies to technology disruption in the 2000s. For instance, Blockchain (I’m not referring to the crypto currency angle of it) with its immutable ledger could totally disrupt the legacy ways of Supply Chain Management, not just for payments – but also for managing contracts, tracking goods, and just in time inventory management.

The technology disruptions when happen happen very quickly, leaving a trail of collateral damage in terms of established businesses collapsing and loss of employment. Both to lead the world of technology disruption as well as to sustain it, adoption of that technology is paramount.

The growing evolution of Cloud Services gives a nice breakthrough in this chaotic technology disruption encierro. Cloud Services forms the foundation of everything that’s happening and that will happen in the next foreseeable future. Everything runs on some kind of cloud. Cloud Services is not just a piece of virtual server somewhere any longer, it’s the umbrella of services from development environments, data lakes, analytics engines, learning models to serverless computing. Cloud has evolved into your sandbox from research, development to implementation.

Cloud is here to stay

It could evolve into different forms, but it’s not going anywhere. One could argue that in the IoT world it’s edge computing that makes it work; but edge computing still needs the Cloud as a transport.

For IoT to flourish (among the other networking and connectivity lag issues), we need Cloud Services for transport and Big Data for processing of all that massive data elements collected. For AI to rise and Machine Learning to thrive, it’s again Cloud Services for the enormous horsepower required, integrations needed with other frameworks, and Big Data to offer all the models needed. For Blockchains to succeed, again it’s Cloud Services and Big Data (for better decision making in real-time) that are the catalysts. The future is also about convergence of technologies and paradigms.

Cloud Services and Big Data will be part of all of those convergence models.

It’s time for developers and enterprises rev up their Cloud Services and Big Data skills. They simply can’t ignore these skills and hope to weather the technology disruptions that will be at their doorsteps… very soon!

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