TechO2 provides QA & testing services for desktop and mobile applications. Certified test engineers deliver our full-cycle testing services with proven test methodologies catering diverse industries and complex applications. Our test resources are tightly coupled & integrated with the product development team for each release and ensure the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards. Our mature QA/Testing team had profound knowledge QA processes, latest testing tools & technologies, and headed by QA Practice Leader. Our range of Services includes functional, non functional and Compliance Testing

Functional Testing is used for the validation & verification of featuresof the software, should cover all the scenarios including failure paths and boundary cases. We cover Black box and white box testing and another testing as part of it. We connect with clients in various phases of the Test lifecycle to align the testing objectives vis-à-vis with overall business objectives. At TechO2, Our Test Engineers do Functional testing very early in Software development life cycle (SDLC) to detect bugs in the software. This approach brings a foolproof functionality to the entire system and helps to reduce the overall testing costs, rework costs and improve quality.
Today Security testing has become the most impending function for all digital applications. Web applications are often on the radar for all kinds of destructive attacks by hackers. At TechO2, we completely understand your application vulnerabilities and the common threats you may come across. Security testing is performed to find all possible black spots in the application in the early stages of the SDLCand helps the development team fix them in the early stages. Our Testing team has proficient security testers experienced in both open source and commercial tools.
We offer a comprehensive cross browser and device testing service. We test and validate the impact browsers and devices have on the user experience. We simplify user experience testing across multiple browsers and devices. Our Automated test scripts can be quickly generated and executed on multiple devices. We test your applications with various browsers and OS platforms and eliminate layout issues and functional issues which can be quickly recognized and reported back to developers for resolution.
Compliance testing is performed to validate the compliance of the deliverables of each phase of the development lifecycle. At TechO2, our engineers prepare and follow a set of standards and procedures for each phase of the development lifecycle. Though doing a Compliance check is quite straight forward, deliverables of each phase need to compare against the standards and plug-out the gaps. This Compliance testing is basically done through the inspection process and the outcome of the review process should be well documented. The inspection process should again be done after the action items are worked upon, to make sure that the noncompliance items are validated and closed.
TechO2 offers comprehensive regression testing services to ensure the new versions of applications retain their original functions following changes to the software code or incorporation of new features. In this dynamic business environment, software applications need to be frequently customized in response to changing customer demands as well as technology upgrades. Regression testing is an essential part of delivering high quality and bug-free software product to end-customer. Our skilled testing professionals with hands-on experience and profound knowledge on various tools & methods aim to uncover any new bugs that could arise after changes in the functional / non-functional areas of a system. Our complete testing approach minimizes a risk of defect leakage and produces valuable outcomes.
Our Test Automation enables business to enhance quick release and drastically reduce testing cycle time, quick time to market with minimal testing effort. TechO2 has developed an Indigenous framework which is technology agnostic using Selenium & other technologies landscape. It supports the most of test automation tools adopted by organizations. It decreases the manual effort and will immensely reduce the cost and time, resulting in significant return on investment (ROI). Our Test Automation allows QA engineers to spend most of its time outside of SDLC execution time; regression testing can be executed without human intervention and the risk of human error from executing boring, repetitive, similar test cases. We have helped our clients in implementing successful test automation initiatives.
TechO2 teams have extensive experience & highly skilled testers to test your applications end to end meticulously to detect all the limitations in terms of performance. We test gamut of Applications including client-server, web-based, mobile, cloud based, Ecommerce, and Online-reservations systems with high user base and transactions. Our Performance testing includes capacity planning, baseline test, load, stress, endurance & production monitoring.

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