At TechO2, our engineers have hands-on experience working on DevOps projects for our clients. Our approach is to emphasize on communication, collaboration & integration this helps us removing bottlenecks in software development and ensuring lean agile delivery. Our Devops consulting Services bridge the gaps exist between software development, QA, and IT operations and enable clients to rapidly create software applications & products thus improving operational performance significantly.

To ensure successful implementation of DevOps, One needs to understand the current state of maturity and do ground level assessment & identify the challenges within the process. We believe DevOps practices are continuously emerging, but have captured few standard practices which have risen as being critical for the realization of DevOps are Agile Software Development, Continuous integration, Continuous delivery pipelines, Proactive monitoring, Automated and continuous testing.

DevOps Assessment and Consulting
Our DevOps Consulting is customized based on the customer requirement and organization’s needs. It includes
Assessment based on the organization’s software delivery environment are made
Core efficiencies of DevOps are outlined
For the improvement of application lifecycle management, Custom tools and specific methodologies are introduced
Better collaboration, standardization and automation is achieved through this consulting
Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery enables large organizations to become lean, agile and innovative. Through low-risk and reliable releases, Continuous Delivery makes it possible to continuously adapt software with shifts in the market, user feedback and changes to business strategy. Development, operations, testing and support work together as one single team to automate and streamline the build, test and release process.
Continuous Deployment
Continuous Delivery evolves in to Continuous Deployment. Every change that passes automated testing is deployed to production automatically. Continuous deployment is to be the ultimate goal for most companies that are not constrained by regulatory or other requirements.
DevOps Architecture
DevOps Architecture includes best of the Agile development, Design, Cloud and DevOps to enable enterprise organizations accelerate through all the phases of application design, development and delivery lifecycles. It includes

Designing, architecting, and implementing next generation system architecture and automation solutions.
Implementation, maintenance, and improvement of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environments.
Provision of technical leadership, project guidance, and business development in various technological areas.
Advising business and technology delivery leadership on how to translate the client’s infrastructure and automation business requirements into executable technology solutions.
Reviewing and audit of existing solution, design and system architecture
Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository multiple times a day. Every check-in is verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. As integration is so frequent, there are significant less back-tracking for the discovery of where things are going wrong, so organizations can spend more time building features. Organizations that don’t follow a continuous approach will have longer periods between integrations. This leads to finding and fixing problems that much more difficult. Integration problems of such nature easily knock projects off-schedule, or cause them to fail altogether.

Benefits of Continuous Integration:
Elimination of long and tense integrations
Improve Developer Productivity
Increased visibility which enables greater communication
Quicker Identification of issues and resolving them
Less time spent on debugging and more time on feature addition
Reduction of integration problems, to deliver software more rapidly

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