Cloud Computing

In today’s world, Cloud Computing needs very little introduction. The majority of the emerging services and technology solutions that are delivered and consumed in real time over the internet are cloud services. Recent surveys with small and medium size businesses indicate that 60% of the organizations using the Cloud have seen increased productivity.

At TechO2, the Cloud Services practice is uniquely blended with experienced and skilled engineers who are proficient in various cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Our capabilities include planning, implementing, managing all aspects of your cloud environment. We help enable enterprises to achieve new business heights with highly scalable infrastructure with fewer risks, economical budgets, and robust performance. 80% of our Cloud Engineers are AWS certified.

We find that businesses are at various degrees of the Cloud utilization for their products and services. TechO2 Cloud Computing services are based on the customer’s current adoption of the Cloud. Cloud Computing Survey

For customers that don’t have their infrastructure and applications on the Cloud, TechO2 assists them to enter the world of the Cloud. We work with businesses to understand their current infrastructure (on premise, hosted, dedicated, etc) and the business applications, to then design a Cloud Enablement plan for them. We’ve successfully enabled a number of enterprises to hosted environments to the Cloud on Amazon and Azure resulting in huge cost savings.

The elimination of Capex by moving to the Cloud, the advantage to host on cutting edge hardware, the ability to scale the infrastructure based on the need; coupled with the cost savings it presents can be an early success for any organization. As part of our design, we address concerns such as Data Security, Backup/Recovery, Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery aspects for their environment.

Cloud Optimization
Once an enterprise is on the Cloud, the challenge of managing and optimal use of it will quickly surface. Being on the Cloud means much more than spinning of a server on the Cloud. The optimal management of the enterprise’s Cloud infrastructure, and the leveraging of the Cloud ecosystem is paramount. For instance, Amazon Web Services ecosystem offers storage solutions (Amazon S3), DevOps automation, Reserve Instances and much more to optimize your investment in Cloud.

TechO2’s certified engineers on AWS and Azure have been assisting our clients with optimal Cloud management services and effective use of the ground-breaking evolution of the Cloud ecosystem. Dynamic scalability on AWS is something that will be of interest to rapidly growing companies.

Cloud Architecture
TechO2’s Cloud Architecture service assists the clients that want to leverage the Cloud technologies and architecture as inherent advantages to their product development.

Imagine you are building a new software product for your enterprise use or for your end-clients. For that matter, it can be your existing product. Cloud Architecture brings the Cloud technologies as undercurrent to your product and offers unique features. Our services enable our clients to solve problems in an innovative fashion. Time-consuming, laborious processes that need constant intervention can be given a new dimension with the Cloud services.

Our Cloud engineers are always on the lookout for ever-evolving Cloud ecosystems such as AWS and Azure. Using Amazon EMR, Amazon Data Pipeline, and the AWS ecosystem, we’re able to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients, and solving new business use cases.

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