Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Mine social data for deeper insights of your marketing campaigns using TechO2’s AWS expertise.

Garner Intelligence from social conversations

The data that’s gathered from customer service systems accounts for only a minuscule subset of your brand’s performance. Customers in this era are not shy of their reflections and the conversations on the Internet about brands is much higher compared to the data that’s captured from the callers. Your brand’s reputation is out in the social wilderness!

Mine Social
Mine social data from social networks, blogs, forums to learn about your consumers, brand awareness, brand loyalty, consumer sentiments and the influencers.

Customer Experience
Learn, analyze and visualize the performance of your brand in terms of customer experience, awareness using scalable and fast to deploy TechO2’s Social Intelligence services.

Machine Learning
Implement statistical and predictive models and gain recommendations for better brand performance. Let Data science, machine learning and deep learning techniques set your brand apart.


The Challenges of Successfully Implementing a Big Data Program


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