Big Data

Big Data

Big Data projects to put your business in hyperdrive with data democracy and insights.

TechO2 solves your Big Data challenges with these services

With nearly half of companies worldwide investing in Big Data, it is clear that Big Data is changing the way organizations make some of their most important decisions. Big Data holds enormous potential to create opportunities for both improved and more proactive decision-making, which can lead to reduced costs, higher efficiency and a competitive advantage.

The evidence of Big Data’s advantages is well documented. However, the question that remains unanswered by many companies is how to get started, best manage and control Big Data in order fully realize its benefits. TechO2 is here to help with those challenges and put your Big Data projects on the path to success.

ETL / Data Lake

Modernize and build fault-tolerant ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) systems and Data Lakes on AWS with us.

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Social Intelligence

Mine social data for deeper insights about your customer experience using TechO2’s AWS expertise.

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Build insightful dashboards and user-centric visualizations powered by scalable AWS infrastructure.

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The Challenges of Successfully Implementing a Big Data Program


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