Web Applications

Web Applications

TechO2 can assist you with enterprise grade web application development initiatives.

Supercharge Your Development

Accelerate your application development activities with TechO2’s Agile, transparent and high-velocity development methodology. Leverage the years of product development experience that we offer, coupled with ISO 9001 certified delivery models at economic prices. As a AWS consulting partner with 100% certified engineers on staff with expertise in various open source technology stacks, we have built solutions for several verticals.

Agile development methodologies with ISO 9001 standards for project execution. Iterative development with focus on client collaboration and early feedback.

Teams of certified and experienced developers with versatile skills and corporate investments for continuous learning.

Open Source technologies with focus on AWS, Java, Spring, PHP, Yii, Laravel, Angular, Node.js, React, Micro Services, Hibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server.


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