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We enable our clients do what they do best run their business by offering trusted economical, scalable and effective software solutions.

Attractive pricing and quality solutions do not have to be mutually exclusive. We offer our clients attractive pricing, rapid delivery, and the benefits of custom optimized solutions with every engagement.

No one likes surprises, and you are no different. We practice Agile development which mandates incremental client deliverables. This allows the stakeholders get a glance of what is being built, how it’s being built, and the velocity of progress. Our incremental and iterative development enables us to build an ongoing feedback loop throughout the project.

We make our onshore architecture and onshore-offshore delivery process totally transparent for you. You don’t need to be awake in the middle of the night for a conference call with developers overseas; our clients work directly with our U.S.-based solutions team.

Unlike most IT service providers, we’re not about instant gratification; we thrive on long term value-added relationships with our clients.

It’s not just software development that we bring to the table. Our expertise in strategy and enterprise level cross-functional disciplines adds constant value for every solution we create for our clients.

We facilitate the specification process by involving all stakeholders in fleshing out the requirements for your project. We use creative brainstorming techniques and tools to involve stakeholders in this upfront work – from quick drawings on cafe napkins to mind mapping software.

We don’t hesitate to tell you if we don’t have a solution that suits your needs – and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction that can best help you.

We speak your language. We understand your business domain, your needs, and we offer the best overall solutions.

We’re fully invested in your project and we demonstrate this by sharing the risks and doing what’s right for your situation.

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